Hostage/Crisis Negotiator

The negotiator's first priority, at the beginning of a negotiation, is to gather information. The negotiator must find out

  • • Who the subject is
  • • What the possible motive is
  • • Who are any other persons associated with the situation that could help shed light on the subjects’ motives and intents

Most importantly, the negotiator needs to pay close attention to the hostage-taker's responses, mannerisms, and general attitude, in order to form a psychological profile of the subject.

Tactical Analyst in a Crisis Situation

The tactical analyst gathers information through data mining and uses critical thinking based on [1]

that profile is a psychological profile or a profile based on past criminal behavior.

If successfully cross-trained, the tactical analyst, engaged in a crisis management situation, can effectively data mine for critical pieces of intelligence that can be crucial to identifying

  • • The mindset of the subject
  • • The motive of the subject
  • • Ways to effect a resolution

  • [1] Information • Research • Theory This helps the tactical analyst in creating a profile of the subjects’criminal behavior. But, both the analyst and the negotiator/crisis manager need togather information to help them create a profile of the subject—whether
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