Contact Information

The reader needs to have a way to communicate with the point of contact associated with the investigation.

Purpose of the Finished Product

The purpose of the finished product is to

  • • Help the reader (usually law enforcement personnel) identify the principal case and examine the distinctive characteristics of the pattern.
  • • Help the reader identify other key elements in the pattern from other cases that exhibit many of the same characteristics as the principal case.
  • • Help the reader identify additional related cases from cases that exhibit one or more of the same characteristics as the principal case.

• The following is an actual report showing an example of an analytical pattern product

Example of an Analytical Pattern Product

Overview: Since 05/01/15 there have been (3) overnight gunpoint robberies of gas stations located throughout thecounty.


Type: 3 Commercial Robberies

Temporal Concentration: overnight/early morning. (2100-0500 Hrs.)

Spatial Concentration: Town of Albert, Town of Baker, City of Evertt

Suspect Description: M/B, 5'10-6'0, 20's-30, wearing all dark clothing, face covered with

a black bandana, armed with a black handgun

Suspect Vehicle: 2 occupants (gunman was passenger), red 2DSD, possibly older model Saturn, loud muffler, broken right tail light.



This pattern product reports shows an analysis of a series of gas station robberies.

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