Long-Range Perspective of Strategic Crime Analysis

The collection and analysis of data spanning a long period of time is the essence of strategic crime analysis. This type of analysis is research focused because it includes the use of statistics to make conclusions (Canter, 2000). This form of analysis can be useful to police departments in terms of crime trend forecasting, or using data to estimate future crime based on past trends (Canter, 2000). With crime trend forecasting, important decisions can be made as to the deployment of patrol as a reflection of the changing volume of criminal activity. Another important benefit of strategic crime analysis is the analysis of changing community dynamics and risk factors that might be contributing to the particular crime trends of a specific area (Canter, 2000). Once again, this type of analysis over time can result in more informed decision-making that can lead to police partnerships with other city and community agencies that can help create more long-term, sustainable reductions in criminal activity.

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