Writing and Distributing Reports

The reports generated by strategic crime analysts may be distributed to personnel in a variety of ways. In some police agencies, reports may be disseminated as emails or even memos that are sent to various units or administrators. In some police departments, reports are simply placed in officers’ mailboxes. In some instances, reports can be passed out by roll call supervisors or read during the shift-change staffing by briefing officers.

In some instances, the crime analyst may attend briefing sessions and verbally describe the report and strategic recommendations. This would be particularly important to do if requested by police command or if the recommendations are vital for patrol officers to know.

Although most reports may be distributed in printed form in the mailboxes of the police staff, it can be particularly useful for crime analysts to deliver their reports in person. This not only enables the analyst to discuss the report, but also can be useful for soliciting feedback while at the same time building personal relationships that may be crucial to future collaborations and networking.

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