Activities and materials for raising student awareness

What is most needed in the plurality of contexts where English is being used and taught is an approach based upon awareness-raising activities implemented through a WE- and ELF-oriented curriculum. Learners need to pay attention to and become aware of the language they are being exposed to in order to be able to understand its use. The notion of attention in language acquisition, often taken as a synonym of consciousness (Ellis 2008), plays a crucial role in the learning process, insofar as it helps raise awareness of the language in use. But learners should also be gradually encouraged to use their multilingual repertoire by code-switching and effectively exploit the available language resources.

In the next section we propose some examples of WE- and ELF-oriented activities. These have been subdivided into four main areas according to their main purpose, namely: WE and ELF awareness, out-of-school exposure, intercultural communication strategies and intercultural sensitivity.

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