Women, Economic Development, and Higher Education: Tools in the Reconstruction and Transformation of

South Africa’s Promise and ProgressNotesSouth Africa Today: Trends and IndicatorsA New Democratic Nation: Economic and Social Conditions, 1994-2009The EconomyEmploymentPublic SafetyPublic HealthInfrastructureThe Recession’s Aftermath: Economic and Social Conditions, 2009-2016The EconomyEmploymentPublic SafetyPublic HealthInfrastructureECONOMIC GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT IN A GLOBAL ECONOMYHigher Education as an Engine of AdvancementWomen and South Africa’s FutureProfiles of South African WomenNotesBefore the End of Apartheid.The Shifting Political TideA New Democratic StateThe Economic Challenges Facing the CountryThe Economy at the Time of TransitionEconomic Foundations and the FutureThe Higher Education LandscapeKey Education Legislation Under ApartheidUnintended ConsequencesThe Women Insist: Having a Voice in the Formation of a New South AfricaAn Entrenched Patriarchal CultureCustomary Law in South AfricaEducation, Health, and Safety IssuesThe Women OrganizeThe Women’s Charter CampaignWomen and the Creation of a New ConstitutionProfiles of South African WomenNotesBuilding the Rainbow NationThe Building Blocks: The Constitution and Bill of RightsIntroducing the New Constitutional FrameworkIntersecting Rights and ConflictsExpectations Outpacing RealityRestructuring the EconomyThe National and International Economic ContextThe Creation of GEARCreating a New Higher Education SystemNew Policies and ReformsEstablishing a National Gender MachineryLegislative ReformsThe National Gender Machinery StructureIndependent Statutory BodiesGender Machinery at the Provincial LevelWomen’s Progress Under the National Gender MachineryProfiles of South AfricanNotesTwo Decades of Economic Growth and Development Policies-2005: Growth, Employment, and Redistribution: A Tale of Two EconomiesAffirmative Action and Its AftermathBroad-Based Black Economic Empowerment-2010: The Accelerated and Shared Growth Initiative of South AfricaA New Path Toward GrowthThe National Development PlanThe “Born Frees”Profiles of South African WomenNotesThe Present State of Higher EducationLingering IssuesAccess and ParticipationAffordability and FundingStudent PreparednessRacism on CampusesInstitutional CultureLanguage MattersStudent Success: Retention and GraduationReconfiguring the Higher Education SystemRooting Out InequitiesMany ChallengesRacial ImbalancesA Strong and Successful System?Fields of StudyRestructuring the Ministry of EducationPostgraduation Employment RatesMixed ResultsProfiles of South African WomenSources:Women and Higher Education: The Successes and ChallengesThe Promise Fulfilled? It DependsFields of Study: The Move Toward Nontraditional ProgramsFemale Enrollment and Graduation RatesHidden Yet Entrenched InequitiesThe Continuing ChallengesThe Patriarchal SystemCompeting Family DemandsInadequate Financial SupportSexual Assault and Safety IssuesUnwanted PregnanciesProfiles of South African Women Irene MoutlanaNotesWomen’s ProspectsWomen’s Opportunities: Advancement and Progress ... For SomeThe Uphill Battle for Rural Black WomenThe Numbers Tell the StoryWomen’s Employment by the NumbersThe Continuing Debate Over Affirmative ActionWomen in GovernmentTrade Unions and Provincial Government PostsInfluencing Factors: Engrained Attitudes and NormsAttitudes of Male Government LeadersHIV/AIDS and WomenIssues of EmpowermentThe State of Things TodayProfiles of South African WomenNotesClosing Thoughts on the FutureFuture Prospects for Women in South AfricaSuggestions for Moving ForwardNotesBibliography
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