Women’s Employment by the Numbers

When looking at employment by occupation, it appears women continue to hold occupations considered traditionally female (due to rounding, numbers do not necessarily add up to totals):

  • • 21 percent of women are in elementary occupations40;
  • • 17 percent are clerks;
  • • 14.6 percent are domestic workers;
  • • 14.8 percent are in sales and services;
  • • 14.1 percent are technicians;
  • • 6.1 percent are managers;
  • • 6 percent are professionals;
  • • 4 percent work in crafts and related trades;
  • • 2.9 percent are plant and machine operators; and
  • • 0.03 percent works in skilled agriculture.41

Of all those employed within the community and social-services sector, 61 percent are women, with black women accounting for 45 percent of all those employed in the sector, compared to just 8 percent of white women. And, while women account for 48 percent of all jobs held in the wholesale, retail, and trade sector, 34 percent are black women versus 6 percent white women. 42 These two sectors account for more than half of female employment. 43 Thus, racial divisions prevail: 56.5 percent of white women compared to 17.1 percent of black women are in skilled occupations, whereas 42.4 percent of black women compared to 1.3 percent of white women are in low-skilled occupations.44

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