Language, Identity and Cycling in the Age of Global Media: Exploring Interpersonal Semiotics in Mult

Language, Identity and Cycling in the New Media AgeTheoretical PerspectivesWho Is This Book For?The New Media AgeLanguage and New MediaLanguage as a Social SemioticWhat Is a Semiotic System?Syntagmatic and ParadigmaticMeaning Potential and ContextThe Three Metafunctions of LanguageGrammatical MetaphorSystemic Functional Grammar ResourcesSystemic Functional Linguistics as Discourse AnalysisGenreSystemic Functional Linguistics and Multimodal AnalysisOverviewReferencesIdentities in the Media'Mark, Mark, Can We Have a Word?': Narrative and Evaluation in the Media InterviewCycling and the MediaCycling AutobiographyCelebrity and IdentityNarrative, Evaluation and Heteroglossic IdentityMark Cavendish and the Tour de FranceBoy RacerAn Autobiographical Account of a Press InterviewA Comparison of Race Reports in a Newspaper and in a Cycling MagazineEvaluation, Appraisal and IdentityAppraisal and EngagementGraduationAttitudeConclusionReferencesComing Clean: Framing and Identity Negotiation in the Oprah Winfrey-Lance Armstrong InterviewA Multimodal ApproachLance Armstrong and the Confession InterviewA Multimodal MontageFraming the InterviewApology and ContritionEvaluation and MultimodalityConclusionReferencesMultimodality Identity in Manga: Yowamushi Pedal and the Semiotics of Japanese ComicsLanguage and MultimodalityMultimodal Research and MangaYowamushi PedalOutline of the StudyVerbal and Visual Resources—From Graphical Representation to GenreVerbal Resources in MangaNonintegrated ResourcesConclusionReferencesIdentity and Online Communities Having a Rashomon Moment: Identity Negotiation in an Online CommunityIdentity Negotiation and CommunitiesIntimate and Imagined CommunitiesResearching Online ForumsAppraisal and the Exploration of Online CommunitiesData Selection and Ethical ConcernsThe Cycling ForumThe SnapshotResources for Identity NegotiationConclusionReferencesMaking the Link: Intertextual Resources in an Online ForumHyperlinks and the Resources of CohesionLinking, Cohesion and IntertextualityExploring Links in an Online ForumData Source: An Online Forum for CyclistsReferencing Tools in the ForumIntroducing LinksMultimodal ResourcesLinks and FunctionalityConclusionReferencesThe Case of Franz: Identity and Carnival in Online CommunitiesTrolling, Fake Identities and Alt.realitiesBakhtin's CarnivalFranzInverting Dominant Social NormsUnbridled ParodyShared Laughter of IntimatesWearing of MasksPortrayal of the GrotesqueConclusionReferencesMultimodality, Corporate Identity, and Market Positioning'Hey You, Thanks for Buying Our Stuff': Language, Multimodality and Identity in Two Corporate WebsitesCorporate WebsitesTwo Product ManualsThe Macrostructure of Homepage DesignSemiotic Interrelations Among Semiotic ResourcesConclusionReferences'Sixty-Eight Years on the Same B17': Brooks, Consumer Reviews and Brand LoyaltyWhat Is a Review?Corporate Image and Consumer LoyaltyBrooks and the History of the BicycleData Collection and AnalysisIdeational MeaningInterpersonal PositioningTextual Structure in Review NarrativesConclusionReferencesIn Pursuit of Marginal Gains: Corporate Sponsorship and Brand-Building VideosMarginal Gains and KaizenTeam Sky and Its Network of SponsorsInnovation in Cycling and the Limitations of the Union Cycliste InternationaleShimano Dura-AceMuc-OffRapha Team Sky VideosMarioRustyPacking PocketsThe CapeDescendingRice CakesThe PhysioThe Wet BagThe SmoothieThe Bottle CarrierHandlebar TapeThe SaluteConclusionReferencesWelcome to the GCN Show!: Community and Identity on YouTubeResearching YouTubeWelcome to the GCN ShowGenre and Interpersonal Positioning of Global Cycling Network Video TypesRegisterial CartographyThe GCN ShowTrain with GCN and Spin ClassMaintenance Mondays/How-Tos (Mechanical Repairs)Global Cycling Network's 'Unboxing'Global Cycling Network's 'First Look''GCN Does Science'How a Wheel is MadeConclusionReferencesConclusion: Rethinking Interpersonal Semiotics in New Media
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