Word order in Simon’s narratives

The overview of the verb placement patterns observed in Simon’s narratives provided in Figure 4.7 (cf. Table D-2 in Appendix D) shows that word order in Simon’s narratives predominantly follows the SVX schema. Only as of file 3 does he produce sequences that do not adhere to this schema. In this file, he produces

main clauses in which the verb appears in the third position (V3), in file 4 twice as many (the relative frequency of V3 sequences raises from 9.8% in file 3 to 23.8% in file 4). Verb final structures only occur occasionally, in contrast to propositions without a verb. The frequency of verb drop increases substantially as of file 3 (from 21.6% in file 3 to 22.2% in file 4).

Main clause verb placement in Simon’s narratives

Figure 4.7: Main clause verb placement in Simon’s narratives.

Turning to the production of complex clauses, the analysis of Simon’s narratives reveals that he only produces one sequence with an embedded clause in file 4, a weil (‘because’)-clause. As for coordinated clauses, Simon produces two in each of the narratives collected with the exception of file 2, which contains only simple main clauses. Although there is no evidence for the expansion of the available structure, the variation observed indicates that learning processes are at work in the second half of the recording time covered in this study.

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