Variation in the left periphery

As of file 3 adverbial phrases such as dann (‘then’), plotzlich (‘suddenly’) or spater (‘later’) are, at times, correctly integrated into the sentence structure deriving target-like non-subject V2 (see examples (605)-(606)); however, non-subject XPs also continue to be adjoined to the SVX format in many other cases (cf. example (607) below). Notice, additionally, that the verb-subject pattern occurs at times in embedded clauses introduced by weil (‘because’), as in example (606), an order which is not possible in target German.

Candidates for language mixing

The coexistence of advanced structures with elementary “da+X” or “neg+da” constructions (cf. (607)) until the end of the recording time raises the question about the status of the latter. As copula drop in these elementary structures continues to occur at a time when other sequences document the availability of the copula we might speculate that the elementary formats are used as formulae or idiomatic expressions. These constructions might also represent candidates for language mixing, which could also be the case of example (608), produced in

file 4, in which verb drop derives a sequence that is reminiscent of the rhetorical question-answer pairs that are used in DGS for narrative purposes.

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