Health Maintenance

Beliefs, traditions, and customs that apply to clinical encounters and influence health care and self-perceived quality of life must be respected by health care providers [30]. It is impossible to name all traditions of the multiple cultures in this chapter, but some issues of the most popular ethnic groups of older adults will be mentioned.

For example, Hispanic/Latino elders live with family as a result of health or economic necessity or because of culturally bound expectations governed by norms of mutual reciprocity among families [31]. Many Chinese Americans use herbs to treat side effects of modern medicine, especially cancer patients receiving chemotherapy. One of the key concepts of traditional Chinese Medicine is to treat according to deficiencies or excess of “chi.” For example, liver cancer patients with ascites have low albumin and it is expected that albumin be replaced, when there is no evidence of such treatment. Similarly, based on a small qualitative study (N = 43), 9 % of Mexican Americans reported the use of herbs for treatment of their diabetes. In accordance to other reports of Hispanic older adults, prayer was reported as helping to reduce stress and anxiety.

For more information, please go to [26].

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