Syphilis in Victorian Literature and Culture: Medicine, Knowledge and the Spectacle of Victorian Inv

Syphilis and Its (In)VisibilityCritical Blind SpotsPeripatetic ViewingNotesAetiology and Etymology: Concepts, Bodies, MediaSyphilis ConceptsDiscursive-Material SyphilisSyphilis-in-MediaMedia Production and Dissemination of Knowledge about Syphilis: A Case StudyReframing Grunewald: The Rhetorics of (Icono)TextsNotesRecognizing Syphilis: Pornographic Knowledge and the Politics of ExplanationMedical Sightings and Protective NarrativesProfessional and Civic Narratives in the PolyclinicSelf-fashioningUnhealthy Sights and the Conspiracy of SilenceFeminist and New Woman Voices on SyphilisWages of Ignorance: Domestic Medicine ManualsPublic Anatomy Museums: (Cautionary) Tales of Moral Perdition and Financial ProfitRecognizing SyphilisPornographic KnowledgeNotesFacing Pathology: Modern (Re)Production of DifferenceThe Poetics and Politics of Syphilis TypologiesFacing Syphilis: Visual TypologiesShifting Appearances: From Women’s Bodies to Contagious TouchThe Body of Consumption/Consumptive BodiesSyphilis for Public ConsumptionThe Pleasures of the Marketplace 1: Modernist AestheticsThe Pleasures of the Marketplace 2: Hysteria and IndividualityThe Power of MimicryNotesProphylaxis and Treatment: Geopolitics of DifferentiationMapping the Pox-Ridden WorldGeographies in Flux: Space, Syphilis and Soldiers’ MobilityColonies and Cordons SanitairesDistance, Movement and CareContainment at the BorderLock Hospitals: Nodal Points of (In)VisibilitySpaces of Isolation and InvisibilitySites of Reformation and HealingThe Geopolitics of RepresentationNotes(Eugenic) Utopias: National Future and Individual SufferingHeredity, Victorian Childhood and Spectres of (De/Re)GenerationHereditary Syphilis, Medical Uncertainties and Popular FearsThe Ghosts of Unborn Children, Civic Responsibility and the Future of the RaceIndividual Suffering and the Economy of CareThe Indexicality of Pain in Medical CasebooksIndividual Suffering and Care Provision in the Victorian AsylumThe Ethics of InterpretationNotesBibliography
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