This chapter has provided an overview of the breadth and rich diversity of arts in health, and importantly shown how it can work in tandem with other disciplines. As we have seen, this is a field that depends on its flexibility and creativity. As a result of this, the construction of more rigid models or definitions of what arts in health is might not provide further clarification but could in fact be detrimental. Consequently, even the broad sub-areas that have been outlined in this chapter should be referenced with caution. As will be shown in the next chapter, far more important than what aspect of any potential model an arts in health project fits into, is what that project aims to accomplish, how well targeted it is, and with how much sensitivity it is integrated into a person’s care. The next part of this book will move from a contextual to a more practical focus and explore how such projects can be conceptualized, planned, delivered, and evaluated.


1. I submitted an earlier version of this categorization as infographics as part of consultancy work with Breathe Arts Health Research to King’s Cultural Institute in December 2015 and they were published online in January 2016.

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