Step 4: Undertake abstract conceptualization

Based on the work undertaken in the three previous steps, Step 4 involves putting the learning that has been accumulated into practice, involving, as the heading implies, the actual conceptualization of an arts in health intervention. For some projects, it may be that ideas for an intervention have not been formally discussed until this step. For other projects, it may be that an intervention has been in mind right from the start, and the first three steps have involved consolidating what was already felt intuitively, refining ideas, and honing the aim of the intervention. Either way, Step 4 is important. For projects where an intervention has yet to be designed, it will highlight the range of potential ideas for an intervention. For interventions that may already have been mapped out, it can help to expand horizons, ensuring that what is proposed is as rich and effective as possible. There are three activities that can be undertaken as part of this conceptualization process.

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