Target group

Following the previous work of Steps 1-3, it should be clear what the project hopes to achieve. In this section of the balanced scorecard, the aims and vision for this target group should be set out. Although it may still be too early to tell exactly what a project can achieve in measurable terms (something that will become much clearer with a pilot), understanding the broad headings of this planned impact is important. This could include both physical and psychological health-related outcomes or enhanced patient experience. However, the vision should be broader than this and also consider the values of the project that will mean it appeals to participants and a wider vision for the project. For example, a clay modelling group may have the aim of supporting people who have been bereaved in coming to terms with their loss. But the vision would also go beyond this and perhaps include the development of a safe space and social support network for participants, and also aim to build resilience and self-esteem through the acquisition of a new skill and a medium through which the participants can express their experiences.

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