Manualize the intervention

Another important part of Step 6 is ‘manualizing’ the intervention: comprehensively documenting what the intervention involves so that it can be maintained properly and with appropriate quality, or even developed in more locations. Manualizing an intervention combines several stages from the process just described, so can grow organically out of previous work. A helpful tool in manualizing is the TIDieR checklist, a template for intervention description and replication.(8) TIDieR suggests that there are 12 essential pieces of information that must be logged for an intervention to be well understood by people who have not been involved and replicated in other locations.

Brief name

Although the precise name of an intervention may change depending on when and where it is taking place, if the intervention claims to be associated with the initial project, it will need in some way to be identified back with this project, so a brief name or phrase describing the intervention is necessary. Precision in the name is also a way of being able to link back any future research reports or outputs from projects with the initial intervention.

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