Even the most successful interventions will require regular innovations to ensure that they maintain interest from the target group and stay current. Google have proposed eight ‘pillars’ of innovation that outline the company’s approach to growing while staying innovative. These pillars could help arts in health interventions to stay relevant:

Have a mission that matters

If the original reasons for the intervention shift, it may mean that the intervention has to undergo a process of redevelopment. This may require simply rebranding the intervention and changing its aims, or it may mean altering the entire intervention. For example, if an intervention involves recorded music in a pre-surgical area as there are no distractions for patients, a change in the process meaning that patients wait somewhere else before the surgery or the provision of television screens in the waiting area may mean that the old intervention no longer has the same need. The innovation will then involve finding the new ‘mission that matters’, such as moving the music to a different waiting area, or developing an intervention for the television screens.

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