Preparations and support in delivering a project

Once an artist/organization has been selected, it is also important to ensure that those involved in delivering the project are well prepared. There are a number of ways that this can be facilitated.

Preparation booklets

These can contain core information about hospital regulations, patient safeguarding, and health and safety, as well as giving guidance for artists/organiza- tions on what to expect when working in the environment they are going into. For example, working in certain acute hospital settings, they may be exposed to upsetting scenes. It may also be helpful to include details about who the point of contact is if an artist has any queries at any point. Prior detail to prepare individuals can facilitate smooth working in that environment. The benefit of a preparation booklet is that it can be continually referred to by the artist/organization if they have queries during the project.

Induction days

A formal induction or orientation should always be offered to artists/organi- zations working in new settings too, so that they can see the spaces in which they will be working prior to their first session. If there are other people involved in the project, such as supervisors (see ‘Supervisors’ below) or healthcare professionals, introducing the artist in advance can prepare for the first session.

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