Provision of feedback can be helpful when working with artists and arts organizations. In particular, if an artist/organization is involved in the early stages and piloting of a project, there may be evaluation data gathered to support project development. Involving the artist/organization in the evaluation and jointly considering the feedback can help the project to evolve. This may also give the artist/organization the opportunity to test different approaches to ascertain which work best with the target participant group. This form of evaluation should not be one way: artists/organizations also should be encouraged to feed back on their experiences of being involved. This could take the form of a personal diary kept by artists leading the sessions to detail how workshops have gone and how they themselves have found the experience. In keeping such diaries, care should be taken to ensure that participant confidentiality is maintained and nobody involved in the project is identifiable (see Chapter 8 on confidentiality). If a process evaluation is being carried out as part of project development (see Chapter 6), it is important to include the artist’s/organiza- tion’s experience of working with management teams within the healthcare setting, to ensure that it is a supportive and smooth process.

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