Per cent schemes

Further support has come through government-approved Per Cent For Art Schemes in certain countries around the world which provide a set percentage (often 1%) of the budget of capital construction schemes as ring-fenced for the arts. This option is often most appropriate for visual art installations or arts in the healthcare environment, either with money provided directly as part of core budgets for capital builds, for example, or with grants invited from other organizations up to the value of the 1%. Nevertheless, the principle could be applied to other types of arts interventions or used as the impetus for a fundraising campaign when new buildings or wards in healthcare organizations are being built.

A prominent example of a Per Cent For Art Scheme comes from the Fiona Stanley Hospital in Australia, which has 10 individual Per Cent For Art commissions from prominent Western Australian Artists. More information about the project is available on the Government of Western Australia website and the hospital’s own website

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