In this chapter, we have discussed ways of identifying suitable artists and arts organizations to deliver interventions, appropriate ways of preparing them and providing support for them in their work, and considered 12 different models for funding arts in health interventions. What is evident is that there is no single or correct way of developing project or funding partnerships. The stage of development of each project and the type of intervention being planned will have a bearing on how partnerships come about and how well they work, as will the individual personalities and preferences of those individuals and organizations involved. However, although it is possible to be flexible in relation to certain aspects of projects such as those discussed in this chapter, there are other aspects of the delivery of arts in health interventions that do have more standard protocols. In Chapter 8, we will explore important issues around safeguarding, occupational health, and patient and public engagement; issues that could feed back into the selection of artists and in particular the preparations and type of support available for them in their work.


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