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It is recommended that the cotton pellet with refrigerate spray for cold test and the probe of electric pulp tester for EPT should be applied to the cusp of the tooth, where the density of nerve fibers is the highest. For the heat test, it is suggested that the heated gutta-percha or plugger of System B should be applied to the cervical area of the tooth. In this area the tooth surface is closest to the pulp cavity and the enamel is thinnest. Pulp tests of the tooth with full-crown coverage can present a diagnostic challenge. The tooth with full-crown coverage can be isolated with the rubber dam. An irrigation syringe is filled with a cold or hot liquid, and the liquid is then expressed from the syringe onto the isolated tooth. For EPT, the tip of endodontic explorer is placed in contact with the natural tooth structure, and the tip of the electric pulp tester probe is then placed in contact with the side of the endodontic explorer to complete the electric circuit. For all pulp tests, it is recommended to use the teeth without caries and/or restoration on the contralateral side as controls. The pulp tests should be performed several times to confirm the reproducibility.

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