Music for life. Music Participation and Quality of Life of Senior Citizens

I Setting the Stage Music Education and Quality of LifeTHE NEED TO CONSIDER MUSIC EXPERIENCES OF SENIOR CITIZENSSENIOR CITIZENS’ MUSIC PARTICIPATIONDEFINITIONSMusic education.Music participation.Quality of life.Senior citizens.NOTEImpact of Music Participation on Quality of LifeMEASURING QUALITY OF LIFECONTEMPORARY PERSPECTIVES ON ADULT LEARNINGAndragogySelf-Directed LearningExperiential LearningTransformational LearningGeragogyCHARACTERISTICS OF SENIOR CITIZEN LEARNERSPhysical AbilitiesCognitive ProcessesMindset for LearningCreativityOlder Adult Music LearnersTYPES OF MUSIC PARTICIPATIONPHYSICAL AND PSYCHOLOGICAL IMPACTSImpact across Fields of StudyGerontology.Music therapy.Interdisciplinary studies.SOCIAL IMPACTSocial identity.Lifelong learning.Interdisciplinary studies.SUMMARYII Looking into a Retirement Community A Big Picture from Evergreen TownCONTEXT OF THE SITE AND THE STUDY PARTICIPANTSGETTING TO THE BIG PICTUREEFFECTS OF MUSIC PARTICIPATIONTHE EXTENT OF MUSIC PARTICIPATIONMusical groups in which music participants were involved at the time of the study.Musical groups in which music participants were involved in the past.Musical groups in which some music nonparticipants were involved in the past.PERCEIVED BENEFITSREASONS FOR MUSIC PARTICIPATION AND NONPARTICIPATIONSUMMARYDelving Deeper through Their WordsFOCUS GROUP STRUCTURE AND ESSENCEPERCEPTIONS OF PAST, PRESENT, AND FUTUREContinuity of Music ParticipationPast Music ParticipationOverall differences in past participation.Past participation as music professionals and leaders.Current Music ParticipationIntensification of music participation in retirement.Popularity of an improvisatory/aural tradition group.A case for redefining music participation.INFLUENCES ON MUSIC PARTICIPATIONFamily InfluenceInfluence of the ChurchCultural InfluenceInfluences and differences between groups.Influencing the Next GenerationMUSIC FOR ALLVIEWS ON MUSIC PARTICIPATION AND NONPARTICIPATIONCorroboration with Survey FindingsThe Role of Music in Senior Citizens’ LivesPERCEIVED BENEFITS OF MUSIC PARTICIPATIONEnjoyment, Life Enhancement, and Life EnrichmentSocial OpportunitiesPhysical and Psychological Health BenefitsIncrease of mental agility, brightening of mood or outlook, and decrease of stress or pain.Improved breathing.Maintenance or increase of mobility.Heightened self-esteem. Heightened sense of spiritualityHeightened communication and self-expression.Retrieval of memories.Music Participation as a LifelineBENEFITS OF MUSIC LISTENINGFor music participants.For nonparticipants.SUMMARYSimilarities between GroupsDifferences between GroupsQuality of LifeRelationship to Survey FindingsIII Case Studies of Two Contrasting Musical GroupsThe Graceful Singers A Traditional Church ChoirTHE NEED TO DIG EVEN DEEPERCONSTRUCTING THE STUDYPARTICIPANTSCARRYING OUT THE RESEARCHTHE CHURCH HOMEHISTORY OF THE CHOIRA UNIQUE PLACE IN THE CHOIRTHE NATURE OF THE GROUPThe Group VibeThursday night rehearsals.Sunday morning rehearsals and performances.Community Perception of the GroupMUSICAL HISTORIESPrevious Choral Participation in School SettingsPrevious Choral Participation in Church SettingsPrevious Choral Participation in Secular Community SettingsOther Previous Musical Participation: PianoOther Previous Musical Participation: Other Instrumental ActivitiesOther Previous Musical Participation: Other Vocal ActivitiesLevel of Involvement and LeadershipCurrent Music ParticipationMUSIC LEARNING PROCESSESCurrent Learning Processes within Choir RehearsalsCurrent Learning Processes Outside Choir RehearsalsProcesses Used to Learn Other Types of MusicBENEFITS OF BEING IN THE CHOIRFulfilled ExpectationsFulfilled Needs and Life EnhancementVIBRANT LIVES OUTSIDE THE CHOIRVolunteer ActivitiesPhysical ActivitiesClub ActivitiesOther ActivitiesA HIGH QUALITY OF LIFECONCLUSIONSThe Pickers and Grinners A Bluegrass GroupTHEY AND INATURE OF THE GROUPPreparedness.Flexibility.Homemade quality.Personal issues.MUSICAL HISTORIESPlayed-stopped-played.Continuous timeframe.MUSICAL LEARNING PROCESSESBEING IN THE GROUPQUALITY OF LIFETHE QUALITY OF LIFE MODELCONCLUSIONSJuxtaposing the Graceful Singers and the Pickers and GrinnersRESPONSES TO THE RESEARCH QUESTIONSIN RELATION TO THE QUALITY OF LIFE MODELMaterial well-being.SUMMARYIV Toward a New Path for Music EducationA New Mindset for Music EducationTHE NEED FOR A NEW MINDSET IN MUSIC EDUCATIONSCHOOLING AND BEYONDThe First 20-Some YearsAfter the First 20-Some YearsCONNECTIONSENTRY POINTSVARIETYOWNERSHIPMEANINGFUL MUSIC PARTICIPATIONMEANING OF MUSIC FOR LIFEPhysical LifePsychological LifeSocial LifeLIVE IN MUSIC AND MUSIC IN LIFEIntegration of Music and LifePractical Suggestions. Music Education for LifeFOR THE FIELD OF MUSIC EDUCATIONFOR MUSIC EDUCATORSFOR FAMILY MEMBERSFOR SENIOR CITIZENS’ SERVICE PROVIDERSFOR RESEARCHERS
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