For music participants.

It is worth noting that when asked about benefits they had received from music participation, music participants also mentioned physical and psychological benefits they received from listening to music. Similar to benefits ofmusic participation, these benefits included the lessening of pain and stress, resulting in inner calmness and brightening of moods and outlooks. For example, Virgil related, “When I’m having a bad day—the first thing I do is turn on some music.” In addition, William told the story of how music listening helped him begin to recover while in the hospital following a major heart surgery:

Back in 2005, I had a triple bypass. . . . After something like that, your mind’s a wonderful asset or just a royal pain, depending on what you let it do. . . . While I was still in the hospital, the doctor come [sic] in and he asked, “Do you like music?” and I said, “Yeah. I have . . . an iPod,” and he . . . said [to my wife], “Bring it in to him,” so she brought it in the next day. . . . Every night about 11:30 . . . they give you a sleeping pill, so . . . I could sleep 2 or 3 hours. [The nurse] brought that in, I turn . . [the iPod] on. About 3:00 in the morning, the nurse come [sic] in and said, “Oh, you’re awake. . . I started to give you your sleeping pill, but you were sleeping so good [sic], listening to your music.” (William)

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