GCI Contribution to the GEOSS Information System

The main role played by the GCI is to realize the GEOSS information system and noticeably the GCI components' interconnections (Figure 14.3). Presently, more than 145 enterprise systems (spanning from a simple database to complex digital federated infrastructures) are brokered by the GCI. They are the actual GEOSS resource providers and share about 1.3 million of datasets for more than 200 million of discoverable and potentially accessible elements, that is, single files. GEO DAB makes use of the services provided by the CSR and a pool of semantic engines, aligned and managed by the EC-JRC (Joint Research Centre of the European Commission in Ispra). Besides the GEOSS web portal, other (community) portals and applications access the GCI, through the DAB, to discover and access the GEOSS resources.

Recently, GEO decided to engage the private sector considering no-profit bodies (e.g., NGOs) and private companies. GCI has been pursuing interoperability tests with some private systems, in addition to the already public brokered ones (Figure 14.4).

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