Current Activities (as of 2016)

The success and results of the previous ENVRI and COOPEUS (EU) projects motivated the community to continue its collaboration. In the Horizon 2020 program of the EC, two collaboration projects were proposed and successfully funded: ENVRIplus continuing the work of ENVRI and COOP+ similarly building on the COOPEUS activities.

ENVRIplus (2015-2019)

The ENVRIplus ( follows in the footsteps of its predecessor with an aim to enhance the collaboration among the environmental research infrastructures in Europe and to build common synergistic solutions for pressing issues in research infrastructure construction and implementation. However, the ENVRIplus does not go just one, but many steps further. Whereas the main focus of ENVRI was on data and improved software solutions, ENVRIplus has six main objectives, called themes, spreading

from the development of common technical solutions, through work on policies for multidisciplinary access to research infrastructures to transfer of knowledge through training activities, etc.

As said before, the overall course of this 4-year project is directly built on the earlier ENVRI experience, but due to the larger infrastructure participation (20 research infrastructures, projects, and networks) and budget (15 million euros), the project is far more ambitious and extensive.

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