Social Media: Millennials, Brand Fans and the Branding of Fans

Viewing various forms of consumption in the light of fandom as a balancing act might be fruitful to understand why and how the fan concept has changed and evolved so dramatically over the past decade or two. While being a fan is per definition a major occurrence (which takes both time and effort), it seems that—through the slovenly and “routine” usage of the word “fan,” and its increasing connection to terms such as “like” and “follow”—a person can now be a fan in an instance, and all it takes is a click.

In this chapter we will look more closely at an aspect of contemporary life that we have already touched upon throughout the book: social media and how it relates to being a fan, and how companies use Web 2.0 technologies to further their relationships with fans—particularly millennials—and better understand them as consumers. We will also reconnect with some of the concepts discussed in Chaps. 2-4, particularly the discussions surrounding brand fandom and consumer culture, which will be further linked to aspects of social media usage and fan behaviour.

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H. Linden, S. Linden, Fans and Fan Cultures, DOI 10.1057/978-1-137-50129-5_9

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