Examples of temporal architectures

Temporal architectures can be very different to each other: it is sufficient to compare linear time with cyclic time to see this. In the following subsections we elaborate on specific aspects of temporal architecture that seem most important to us.

Aristotelian space-time architecture

In ancient times, humans had limited experience of travel, and no real understanding of the planet on which they lived. It is not surprising that the relative stability of our planet created the impression that the Earth defines an absolute frame of reference in which objects are located and move about in. This generates an architecture that we can call Aristotelian space-time, in which points of three-dimensional space have an identity throughout time. In Aristotle’s view of mechanics, the natural state of an object is at rest relative to this space. In this temporal architecture, when we revisit old places such as our former home or school, we imagine we are returning to them.

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