SECTION 17 Land Use; Zoning; Historic Preservation

Subject to uniform procedures established by law, a local governmental subdivision may (1) adopt regulations for land use, zoning, and historic preservation, which authority is declared to be a public purpose; (2) create commissions and districts to implement those regulations; (3) review decisions of any such commission; and (4) adopt standards for use, construction, demolition, and modification of areas and structures. Existing constitutional authority for historic preservation commissions is retained.

Under the prior constitution, amendments were adopted to establish special powers over use of property in New Orleans’s French Quarter to preserve the historic character of the area. The last sentence of the section continues the authority for the Vieux Carre Commission, which exercised those powers. The first part of the section allows other such entities to be established without the need for constitutional amendments.

SECTION 18 Industrial Areas

(A) Authorization. The legislature by law may authorize parishes to create and define industrial areas within their boundaries in accordance with procedures and subject to regulations which it determines. An industrial area shall not be a political subdivision of the state.

(B) Access by Public Road; Police Protection. When an industrial area is so created, provision shall be made for access by public road to each entrance to the premises of every plant in the area, which is provided for use by employees of the company, or for use by employees of independent contractors working on the premises, or for delivery ofmaterials or supplies, other than by rail or water transportation, to the premises. Police protection provided by any plant in an industrial area shall be confined to the premises of that plant.

Industrial inducement through establishment of areas with special regulation is permitted. The unusual provisions of paragraph B were added at the urging of labor union representatives who wanted to ensure public areas within the districts where picketing would be allowed. The last sentence, was an attempt to prevent private police from interfering with picketing in public areas.

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