SECTION 19 Special Districts; Creation

Subject to and not inconsistent with this constitution, the legislature by general law or by local or special law may create or authorize the creation of special districts, boards, agencies, commissions, and authorities of every type, define their powers, and grant to the special districts, boards, agencies, commissions, and authorities so created such rights, powers, and authorities at it deems proper, including, but not limited to, the power of taxation and the power to incur debt and issue bonds.

The power of the legislature to create special districts is broad. The supreme court ruled in Board of Directors of Louisiana Recovery District v. All Taxpayers (1988) that the legislature “has plenary power to create any type of special district and to vest it with powers as it deems proper" It can “create a district of statewide geographical dimension and to grant it the powers to tax and to issue bonds for any public purpose" The court so held although the district would be taxing and issuing bonds in a manner that the legislature and governor could not because of the constitutional limitations of Article VII, section 6.

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