Promoting a productive society

If free-market systems result in the greatest economic productivity for nations, this also must be seen as a moral advantage. Productive societies not only have more resources to help the poor, they also have more resources for the benefit of everyone in those societies.

Someone might object that we already have enough material goods. Why should we continually strive to produce more? Isn’t this a wrongful kind of materialism? We answer this objection below, in the section, “Objection: we don’t need more ‘stuff’” (215-21). The short answer is this: we do not need more “stuff” to survive, but we need it for human flourishing, which is God’s intention for us on the earth.

Increased wealth is a net addition to a country’s GDP and hence to the economic well-being of that society. The moral virtue of an economic system of greater productivity surely must be weighed against the poverty, starvation, and degradation of a system that does not produce.

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