B. The types of freedom the government should protect

While “freedom” is a broad and somewhat imprecise category, we can list twenty-one specific freedoms (or twenty-one aspects of freedom in general) that should be protected by the government of a nation that desires to move from poverty toward increasing prosperity.

Freedom to own property

We discussed this freedom in some detail in chapters 3 and 4 (114-16 and 141-54), but we mention it here again because it is the first and most basic economic freedom that a government must guarantee. The Bible regularly assumes and reinforces a system in which property belongs to individuals, not to the government, to a tribe, or, in some vague sense, to “society” as a whole.

If a nation wants to grow from poverty toward increasing prosperity, it must establish and protect a system in which people have freedom to buy and own property without excessive hindrances from government. (This also implies the freedom to sell property without excessive interference.)

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