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Lycopene's positive effects are clearly visible in Fruitflow® (Provexis, DSM), a water- soluble tomato concentrate containing multiple active constituents. Fruitflow® has been recognized as GRAS in the USA and EFSA has approved the claim that “Fruitflow® helps maintain a normal platelet aggregation, helping maintain a healthy blood flow in time” (EFSA, 2009). A number of studies have confirmed a 97% reduction of platelet's aggregation in the individuals treated with Fruitflow (O'Kennedy, 2006). Lyc-O-Mato® (LycoRed) is a fat-soluble product containing lycopene, carotenoids, tocopherols, and phytosterols. Phytonutrients work sinergically to increase antioxidant properties. These natural ingredients are easy to use in dairy products such as yogurt or fresh cheese.


A particularly interesting product concerning polyphenols fortifications is Acticoa® cocoa (Barry Callebaud) (EFSA, 2012). Barry Callebaud licensed a production process for this cocoa that allows maintenance of high flavanol content (8% against 1% of standard processes). Flavanols are polyphenols that help maintain vessel's elasticity and a normal blood flux. They consequently reduce arterials pressure and insulemic behavior for people with diabetes and hypertension diseases. Foods and drinks rich in flavanols and with low energy content can have a positive effect with respect to CVD risks (200 mg/portion of flavanols) (Berry, 2010; Zubaida, 2008).

Several international programs study the cause-effect relationship between polyphenols_absorption (gallic acid, resveratrol, catechins) and physiologic effects related to cardiovascular health and its risk factors (blood pressure, cholesterol). In vitro studies on endothelial cells showed the anti-inflammatory and anti-atherosclerotic properties of polyphenols derived from red wine, highlighting that flavonols and resveratrol are the most active polyphenolic species (Calabriso, 2015). All these studies supported research activities to develop bioactive ingredients and functional products. RedVine Efla 945® (Frutarom) and Natavid® (Natac) are water-soluble extracts obtained from red grape leaves, which are standardized in anthocyanin and resveratrol. They have positive effects on the circulatory system and venous insufficiency.

Although polyphenols are used in many dietary supplements, there are still few nutraceutical foods fortified with polyphenols, because polyphenols generally have a strong impact on food taste and flavor and often destabilize the food's matrix. The dairy sector's interest in these ingredients is proven by the increased number of studies on proteins-polyphenols interactions and their influence on the binding sites, structure, and conformational changes of the proteins, with reduction of alpha-helix structure indicating a partial protein destabilization (Bourassa, 2010; Bourassa, 2013; Gorij, 2015).

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