Concluding Remarks

There are opportunities for eco-friendly dairy production. These are based on the growth potential of eco-friendly dairy production, the similarities in processing methods, and/or the overall support it receives from different stakeholders (Roe et al., 2008;

Smit et al., 2009). However, actors in the dairy supply chain may be hesitant to expand their activities in eco-friendly production and prefer to wait for others to act, due to the perceived limited differential between conventional and eco-friendly dairy products and the interdependent relations within the supply network. The provided framework may help to overcome this hesitance, as it can help the firms to evaluate the eco-friendly initiative to determine the required degree of commitment and how to reinforce the initiative to provide a competitive advantage. Using the three criteria of centrality, specificity, and visibility, the initiative can be framed with the overall business activities to make a sound business case that can provide both tangible economic benefits in terms of market share and cost savings and intangible benefits in terms of reputation and social legitimacy.

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