Analysis on Structure and Competitiveness of Talent in Chinese Securities Companies

The securities industry is knowledge and intelligence intensive, and it is also one of the most competitive industries. Talent is the key strength and competitive weapon of a securities company, and it has a unique, specific nature. The most significant task for the human resources department of a securities company is how to recruit top talent and how to then train, appraise, and motivate the individuals to realize their full potential. With the impressive strides in capital markets, the securities sector has cultivated an impressive array of talented individuals. In recent years, the topic of human resources for securities firms has been a major concern in capital markets. The issues include how to effectively cooperate with brokers in their development and transformation processes, how to rationally allocate human resources, and how to cultivate and develop talented individuals. These same challenges are bound to dominate development strategy of brokers as the capital market continues to expand and as foreign investment banks compete together with the expectation of financially mixed operations.


With the rapid development of the Chinese capital market, the securities industry has entered into a new developmental stage. Continuous optimization of policies and improvement of the market system have greatly expanded the room for development of the securities market. The constant expansion of the market and fast growth of resident wealth have given rise to a huge demand for wealth management. Therefore, the securities industry is facing unprecedented development opportunities. At the same time, the

Chinese securities industry is also facing severe challenges because it is constantly penetrated by other financial industries such as the banking industry. Threatened by an all-out invasion of foreign-invested institutions with advantages in mixed operation, capital, and talents, it is further compounded by homogenous competition and a price war on commission rates. Faced with such situations, Chinese securities companies must make innovative development the first priority on their agendas. They must follow a path of structural transformation. The industry needs to promote intensive development, large-scale operation, conglomeration, comprehensiveness, and internationalization. This must be done while making great efforts to build up competitive strength in terms of expertise, management, innovation, and risk control. Securities companies need to become modern financial enterprises with core competitive strength.

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