In this new developmental stage of the Chinese securities market, the right way forward for securities companies is through large-scale and intensive operation. Characterized by high talent and capital intensity, the securities industry can take full take advantage of the intermediating and resource allocating functions of the market only when talent and capital have reached a certain scale and amount. Cultivating a high-quality talent pool has become an urgent task for the operation and development of a securities company. With the development of the securities market, competition between securities traders will further intensify. Talents will therefore become an increasingly determinative factor.

Modern financial enterprises belong to a knowledge intensive industry. With the progress of time and development of science and technology, financial enterprises constantly develop new business types, services, and functions to meet people's increasing demand for financial services. New technologies are quickly implemented and spread in the securities business, which will keep raising the bar for the knowledge structure and service skills of securities practitioners. On the other hand, the market-based economy is an open economy. The internationalization of the Chinese economy and the integration of the global economy both call for talents who understand not only economic theories and specific business, but also international practices and communication skills. As a result, the demand for talents in the Chinese securities market currently focuses on the following two types of talent:

1. High-caliber professional talent

2. Interdisciplinary talent for both operation management and securities business

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