Product Leadership Zone—Innovation Types

Disruptive: How can we develop offerings that are simpler, more convenient, and less expensive than established offerings to attract new or less demanding customers?

Application: How can we use our capabilities to develop new markets for our existing offerings and what untapped uses can they fill?

Product: What functions and features can we create in our offerings to fulfill customer’s unmet needs and jobs to be done?

Platform: Is there an opportunity to create a simplifying layer over a complex layer in the market to provide value to customers?

Customer Intimacy Zone—Innovation Types

Line extension: How can we modify one or more dimensions of our current offering to create a new subcategory that expands the market by bringing in new customers?

Enhancement: What one dimension of our offering can we improve to increase share of wallet with existing customers?

Marketing: How can we make the current offering more competitive by leveraging other elements of the marketing mix (promotion, place, price)?

Experiential: Is there an opportunity to create differentiated value within the time span customers are engaged with our offering?

Operational Excellence Zone—Innovation Types

Value Engineering: In what ways can we comprehensively remove cost from our system and still provide the same level of benefits in our offering?

Integration: Is there a way to pull together different components of a business and provide customers with a single system?

Process: In what ways could we enhance or cost-reduce the process used to produce our offering?

Value migration: Which areas of the industry value chain could we move into that would provide greater profit points?

Category Renewal Zone—Innovation Types

Organic: In what ways could we use our capabilities to transition into a growth category?

Acquisition: What offerings could we acquire that would position us favorably for the future?

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