,000-Foot View

Five moments signaling the need for a strategy review:

  • 1. Goals are achieved or changed
  • 2. Evolution in customer needs
  • 3. Innovation in the market
  • 4. Competitors change the perception of value
  • 5. Capabilities grow or decline

Three potential ways to deal with recurring fires:

  • 1. Control
  • 2. Delegate
  • 3. Prevent

The Tactical Evaluation Matrix is a tool used to assess the tactics of the business on two parameters: efficacy with customers, and differentiation from competitors.

The Before Strategy Launch Review (BSLR) asks three questions:

  • 1. What is the goal of the initiative?
  • 2. What is the strategic approach being used to achieve this goal?
  • 3. What are the key challenges to successful implementation of the initiative and how will we address them?

The After Strategy Launch Review (ASLR) should take place when a strategy initiative has been completed, modified, or discontinued. The ASLR answers three questions:

  • 1. What happened?
  • 2. How or why did it happen?
  • 3. What did we learn from it?

The Strategy Scaffold provides leaders with a one-page tool to build, adjust, and communicate the foundational elements of the business including purpose, business model, and plan.

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