About the Author


Wu Xiaoqiu, born in 1959, is known as a renowned economist of China and an expert on finance and securities in China. He received his PhD in economics from Renmin University of China (RUC) in 1990. Professor Wu is the assistant president, professor of finance, PhD supervisor, executive deputy dean of the graduate school, and director of the Finance and Securities Institute of Renmin University of China (FSI); he is also a Changjiang Scholar Professor, a member of the Academic Degree Committee of the State Council, and a member of the Ninth Issuance Examination Committee of China Securities Regulatory Commission. He is also member of the Academic Committee of RUC.

Professor Wu Xiaoqiu conducts in-depth studies in such areas as the macroeconomics, financial reform, capital market, and others. In each critical period during China's capital market development, he invariably puts forward his own theoretical ideas and policy suggestions concerning the major issues, winning favorable comments from all parties. He is one of the most influential experts on the field of capital markets in China's economic circle.

Professor Wu's publications include: "Understanding the Capital Market" (2002), "China's Capital Market at the Crossroad" (2002), "Securities Investment" (2004), "China's Capital Market: Split Share and Liquidity Reform" (2004), "Market-Oriented Financial System: China's Strategic Selection" (2005), "China's Capital Market Analysis Essential" (2006), "China's Capital Market after Split Share Reform" (2006), "Dream—Wu Xiaoqiu's Works on Capital Market Analysis" (2007), "China's Capital Market: From System Reform to Strategic Transformation" (2007), "China's Capital Market: Global Vision and Leap-Forward Development" (2008), "Lessons from the Financial Crisis" (2009), "China's Financial and Capital Market in Global Financial Reform" (2010), "Reform and Rise—Searching for the Rise of China's Finance" (2011), "China's Venture Market: Development and Risk" (2011), "China's Securities Companies: Present and Future" (2012), "China's Capital Market: 2011-2020" (2012), "China's Capital Market: Analysis of the System and Rules" (2013), "China's Capital Market: Institutional Reform and Policy Adjustment" (2013), and "China's Capital Market System Reform Research" (2013).

His social media sites can be found at: t.qq.com/wuxiaoqiu (Tencent Microblog) and weibo.eom/u/1885355607 (Sina Microblog).