Goals of the National Drought Policies

The objective of the HMNDP was to provide practical insight into useful, science-based actions to address the key drought issues being considered by governments and the private sector under the UNCCD and the various strategies to cope with drought. National governments must adopt policies that engender cooperation and coordination at all levels of government in order to increase their capacity to cope with extended periods of water scarcity in the event of a drought. The ultimate goal is to create more drought-resilient societies.

The goals of the national drought policies are:

  • • Proactive mitigation and planning measures, risk management, public outreach, and resource stewardship as key elements of effective national drought policy
  • • Greater collaboration to enhance the national/regional/global observation networks and information delivery systems to improve public understanding of, and preparedness for, drought
  • • Incorporation of comprehensive governmental and private insurance and financial strategies into drought preparedness plans
  • • Recognition of a safety net for emergency relief based on sound stewardship of natural resources and self-help at diverse governance levels
  • • Coordination of drought programs and response in an effective, efficient, and customer-oriented manner
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