Mexican National Drought Policy

In January 2013, at the beginning of the new federal administration, the president of Mexico instructed the National Water Commission (CONAGUA) to implement the national program against drought (PRONACOSE). The decision was made to design the national drought policy (NDP), which moved from a reactive to a proactive approach. At the same time, the effects of the 2010-2013 drought were still being felt in some northern states, and the existing policies and rules of operation for drought emergency programs were under implementation. Therefore, a program with two major components, the drought prevention and mitigation programs (PMPMS) and the Interministerial Commission (IC) for the Attention of Drought and Flooding was designed and implemented.

The design and development of the NDP was an interactive task. Through the implementation of PRONACOSE, most of the elements fell in place along the way, with multiple modifications. Other adjustments were made

National Drought Policy in Mexico


to adapt international experiences to the national institutional framework and regional characteristics. A simplified diagram of the NDP is presented in Figure 19.2.

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