Establishing the CDPMN

In January 2009, CIMH launched the CDPMN (CIMH and FAO 2016; Trotman et al. 2009) aimed at monitoring drought (and excessive precipitation) and delivering prognostic climate information at both the national and regional scales. The operationalized system immediately showed its value by providing CARICOM governments with situation analyses and advice beginning in January 2010 (CIMH and FAO 2016). The standardized precipitation index (SPI) (McKee et al. 1993), recommended by WMO for monitoring meteorological drought (Hayes et al. 2011), is integrated in the CDPMN. Deciles (Gibbs and Maher 1967) were also integrated into the CDPMN where, along with the SPI, they were subjectively coupled with the Caribbean precipitation outlook to provide critical information and advice to regional governments in 2010.

Drought Early Warning Information and Products

CIMH plays a leading and critical role in the region in the production and delivery of several climate monitoring and forecasting information products as part of its recently designated role as the WMO Regional Climate Centre for the Caribbean ( Several of these products and associated tools address drought early warning.

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