A History of British Actuarial Thought

Probability and Life Contingencies, 1650-1750: The First One Hundred YearsProbability and Life Contingencies in the Mid-seventeenth CenturyPascal and Fermat (1654)John Graunt, Johan de Witt and Their Prototypical Mortality Tables (1662-1671)Edmond Halley's Breslau Table (1693)Life Contingencies at the End of the Seventeenth CenturyJacob Bernoulli and the First Law of Large Numbers (1692/1713)De Moivre's Contributions to Probability and Life Contingencies (1718-1724)Life Contingencies in the First Half of the Eighteenth Century (1700-1750)Daniel Bernoulli: The Beginnings of Utility Theory and Risk-Adjusted Valuation (1713/1738)Concluding ThoughtsRevolutionary Developments Between 1750 and 1810From Probability to Statistics, 1764-1810Bayes and His Application of His Theorem (1764)Laplace's Bayesian Analysis (1774-1781)Least Squares, Errors and the Central Limit Theorem (1805-1810)The Emergence of with-Profits, 1756-1782James Dodson and Whole-of-Life Assurance (1756-1772)The Beginnings of the Equitable (1757-1772)Richard Price and His Observations (1772)William Morgan and the Actuarial Management of with- Profit Business (1775-82)Life from the Napoleonic Wars to the Second World WarDevelopments in Mortality Modelling, 1808-1881John Finlaison and the British Government's Life Annuity Issuance (1808-1829)Life Office Experience Tables and Selection (1829-1881)Graduation of Mortality Tables (1825-1867)Actuarial Thought on Investment Strategy, 1858-1952Actuaries and Investment Liquidity (1862-1933)Actuaries and Interest Rate Risk (1858-1952)Actuaries and Equities (1912-1948)Valuation and Surplus, 1800-1952Liability Valuation (1800-1952)Asset Valuation (1829-1952)The Equitable Distribution of Surplus (1800-1944)A Brief History of Financial Economics for ActuariesModigliani and Miller's Irrelevancy PropositionsModern Portfolio Theory and the Capital Asset Pricing ModelOption Pricing TheoryYield Curve ModellingMarket EfficiencyLife Offices After the Second World War: The Underwriting and Management of Financial Market Risk (1952-2004)Equities and With-Profits: Smoothing and Guarantees (1952-1976)Equity-Linked Maturity Guarantees: Towards Risk-Based Solvency (1971-1982)The Wilkie Model (1984-1995)With-Profits: Reserving and Financial Economics (1987-2004)Guaranteed Annuity Options (1997-2003)British Actuarial Thought in Defined Benefit Pensions (1905-1997)Early Thought on Defined Benefit Pension Funds (1905-1921)Consistent Asset and Liability Valuation (1948-1963)Actuarial Thought on Pension Fund Investment Strategy (1957-1985)Funding for What? (1972-1997)Modern Thought on Pension Scheme Valuation and Investing (1990-1997)Final Thoughts on the Pensions StoryBritish Actuarial Thought in General Insurance (1851-1994)Fire Insurance (1851-1880)Employers' Liability Insurance (1882-1931)Risk Theory (1954-1971)Claim Reserving (1974-1996)Actuaries and the Financial Management of General Insurers (1981-1994)Bibliography
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