Leaders Are Born; Only Leadership Skills Can Be Learned

Interviewers Song and Tsui: How did you find, cultivate and develop your leadership capability?

Guo: I think leadership is inborn, not learned. Only leadership skills can be learned. I was the ‘kid king’ in my neighbourhood, and later the monitor for my squad in the army. I have a born leadership capability that propels me to lead, which in turn compels me to make constant progress. I am very comfortable leading a modern enterprise. I attribute my leadership capability to my parents, senior figures in the Chinese Communist Party. My mother was secretary general of the biggest hospital attached to the IMMC, and was a strong leader in maintaining harmonious interpersonal relationships. As a president of the IMMC, my father was a leader of many well-known professors and thousands of college students. His leadership came mainly from his moral and personal principles. For example, while the college allocated him a car, he never allowed me to use it. Following his tradition, I have never asked my company to buy me a car. Refusing to take advantage of public goods, and self-discipline are our family traditions, and I inherited a personality and a leadership style from my father.

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