Bioconjugated QDs for Multiplexed Profiling of Biomarkers

Bioconjugated QDs, collections of different sized nanoparticles embedded in tiny polymer beads, provide a new class of biological labels for evaluating biomarkers on intact cells and tissue specimens. In particular, the use of multicolor QD probes in immunohistochemistry is considered one of the most important and clinically relevant applications. Bioconjugated QDs can be used for multiplexed profiling of biomarkers, and ultimately for correlation with disease progression and response to therapy. This will increase the clinician's ability to predict the likely outcomes of drug therapy in a personalized approach to disease management. Bioinformatics and systems biology is used to link each individual’s molecule profile with disease diagnosis and treatment decisions. The usefulness of these protocols was demonstrated by simultaneously identifying multiple biomarkers in prostate cancer tissue. In general, QD bioconjugation is completed within one day, and multiplexed molecular profiling takes 1-3 days depending on the number of biomarkers and QD probes used.

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