Future Role of Biomarkers in Personalized Medicine

Personalized medicine is being recognized by the biopharmaceutical industry, regulatory authorities, healthcare providers and the medical profession. It should be a part of healthcare system by the year 2015. Genetic testing will improve predictions of disease predisposition, onset, severity as well as treatments or medications that are likely to be efficacious or harmful. Impact of biomarkers on personalized medicine is shown schematically in Fig. 18.3.

The important points of role of biomarkers in development of personalized medicine are:

  • • Biomarkers will enable early diagnosis of disease to facilitate optimization of therapy.
  • • Biomarkers will play an important role in combining diagnosis with therapeutics - an important feature of personalized medicine.
Impact of biomarkers on personalized medicine (© Jain PharmaBiotech)

Fig. 18.3 Impact of biomarkers on personalized medicine (© Jain PharmaBiotech)

  • • There will be an increase in the number of new drugs suitable for personalized treatment, which will be discovered by use of biomarkers.
  • • Validated biomarkers will play an increasing role in clinical trials for personalizing therapeutics.
  • • Biomarker-based monitoring of drug efficacy will guide personalized management of several diseases.


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