Application of Biomarkers in Medical Practice

Apart from developing molecular diagnostics based on biomarkers, clinical applications require further efforts by the companies to educate the physicians, Some of the

measures are:

  • • Training of the company representatives in biomarkers and interaction with medical profession and company scientific experts,
  • • Organizing physician education in biomarker-based diagnostics and related therapeutics,
  • • Scientific and ethical approach to comparing competitor products that are non biomarker-based,
  • • Since clinical use of biomarkers is related to the development of personalized medicine in the same time frame (next decade), promotion of products should take consideration for this relationship,
  • • The company should also provide patient education, and information regulatory about regulatory issues as well as reimbursement,

Future Role of Biomarkers in Healthcare

Questions are still being raised as to whether detecting diseases at their earliest stages actually improves health, Based on the information presented in various chapters of this report, it can be concluded that biomarkers will play an important role in future medicine, Biomarkers will have a considerable impact on diagnostics and will facilitate the development of personalized medicine, Role of biomarkers in the management of various diseases have also been discussed, Biomarkers are already playing an important role in management of cancer, Screening approaches have led to dramatic changes in the outcome of cervical cancer,

A promising area in the future application of biomarkers is that in which diseases can be diagnosed in their earliest stages in hopes of effective intervention. The new classes of sensitive imaging technology such as spiral CT can be made more specific through combination with a biomarker in blood, and disease relapse can be detected earlier through entirely new types of protein biomarkers.

One area not discussed so far is the role of biomarkers in preventive medicine and health education. Biomarker profile of a healthy individual may be used to guide individualized health counseling. Susceptibility to certain diseases may require modifications of the general preventive medicine advice. Future studies need to establish the effectiveness of such an approach.

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