The Art of Lending in the Pampas: Commercial Credit and Financial Intermediation in Argentina, 1900-1930

Andrea Lluch


Intermediation-related topics have been largely neglected in Latin American historiography. This study focuses on financial intermediation by rural merchants during Argentina’s export boom in the early twentieth century, when Argentina ranked among the world’s top cereal exporters. The research is based on major advances in the theoretical understanding of credit markets. These advances have evolved from a paradigm that emphasizes the problems of imperfect information and imperfect enforcement in financial markets. At a micro-level, it concentrates on the history of one of the leading commercial rural houses in an area of the Pampean region: Casa Torroba, which opened its first store in what was then called the National Territory of La Pampa in 1897 and later expanded its activities by setting up branches in the province

A. Lluch (h)

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B. Batiz-Lazo, L. Efthymiou (eds.), The Book of Payments, DOI 10.1057/978-1-137-60231-2_6

of Buenos Aires (in 1903 and 1911) and the city of Buenos Aires (in 1905). A wide range of public and judicial records were also used.

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