Shift and Legacy: Concluding Remarks

To sum up, this chapter made the following arguments: (i) the Orban- government’s self-proclaimed revolutionary regime claims to have reconstituted and re-conceptualized the relationship between the state and its citizens, both in institutional and normative terms. For example, the Republic of Hungary was renamed Hungary. (ii) The new regime in several fields of life made a significant departure from constitutional standards generally held in liberal democracies. However, neither its creators argued convincingly, nor could an academic analysis support the claim that this would indeed constitute a new, coherent, sui generis illiberal democracy model from the constitutional legal or the political theoretical point of view. (iii) This self-identified illiberal regime, however, sets forth a political discourse and a discursive framework that also materializes in the form of legal, constitutional documents, which reject ideological and policy commitments toward human rights and a liberal concept on personhood.

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