In writing this guide to Obsessive Compulsive and Related Disorders, instead of providing a detailed and heavy tome, we sought to ask what would be useful for the busy medical student, resident, clinician, psychologist, nurse, and other professional.

In our own careers there have been many times where we had seen a patient with an OC spectrum disorder and wondered what to look out for (co-morbidities not to miss) and what the treatment options were. Often, what followed was a time-consuming search on the Internet, for example, digging out national treatment guidelines or looking through convoluted research databases. This invariably led to more questions, and more time involvement, with work building up in the meantime! Our usual clinical books failed us, providing either no information, or misleading information, on the treatment of these less commonly understood conditions. Even where treatments were mentioned, critical information such as medication starting doses and titration schedules were missing. Where screening tools and disease severity scales were alluded to, they were not included and proved impossible to find within easy reach.

We sought in this book to fill this collective void. It can be read in its entirety as a useful introduction to the OC spectrum, but will also serve as a useful ready reference guide when seeing patients.

We have included many of the key assessment tools for the different conditions in an appendix.

We hope that this book will be useful not only for professionals but also for patients, to better understand their conditions and what treatment options should be available to them.

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